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Day…Well, Day 1: Moving On

I had complete confidence in succeeding for at least 5 days. I made it three. Could I have kept going? I think so. I made a final decision last night to go back to eating solid foods. I will continue to work juices into my diet, and that will be the greatest benefit of the whole experience. I advise to anyone interested to be ambitious and go as long as you can (if you are feeling reasonably well and making HEALTHY choices). I am proud of myself for making it three days, considering how many food cravings I had over the course of those 72 hours. Sure, I had a couple of snacks during that period but my sole source of nutrients and energy was 100% raw, natural juice. I am surprised by what vegetables and fruit can do for us, even when stripped down to their liquid components.

Although I have converted back to a ‘solid food’ diet, I feel both a need and desire to eat more whole foods. I had a small granola bar (at just 90 calories), a handful of almonds, and a cup of coffee for breakfast. Then for lunch, I decided to treat myself to Panera with the extra tips I made at my restaurant job last night. My chioce: a Mediterranean Veggie Cafe Sandwich…

  • If you have not tried this sandwich before, please do so. It is the best! I don’t even like red onion or large pieces of raw tomatoes, and I can never get enough of this zesty, fresh sandwich. Perhaps the bread contains a few too many carbs but I feel good about all of the vegetables I’m consuming and the absence of fatty meat.

…AND an apple, rather than chips. The apple was my favorite part. It was crunchy, cold and sweet, and I was sad when I got down to the core. I don’t usually care for apples too much, especially when they’re not cut into chunks. (I hate the sensation of biting into fruit. I know. Weird.) I am crossing my fingers, hoping that I choose wisely for dinner. Since I work at the restaurant tonight, I will probably eat whatever the kitchen prepares for the staff. As long as it’s not the chicken fingers, it should be a decent meal.

I hope that I have not lost your support after ending my juice journey early. I did not intend to promote nor demote any type of cleanse. I simply wanted to give you a firsthand, honest account of its ups and down, so that you may have at least one more source of information on the matter. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, don’t hesitate to leave a comment!


Thanks for reading!


Day 2: Feeling Fabulous

As I shared last night, I was exhausted on the first night of the cleanse. I felt weak, hungry and a little nauseous. I slept a solid 9 hours, waking up a little late for work. Surprisingly, I didn’t have that feeling I usually get when I have to rush off to work without time to mentally prepare for the day. I felt awake, refreshed, and rejuvenated, even without a shower. My face, unlike yesterday, looked bright and healthy. My eyes were no longer pink and my cheeks seemed to have more color in them. Maybe I caught up on sleep…maybe it’s the juice. The fact is, I feel great today.

I finished the green juice from last night on my ride to work. The kale and spinach flavor wasn’t exactly a yummy breakfast but I knew that my body needed it, and so I finished it quickly. The morning went by fast at work. I was hesitant to take an early lunch (as I usually do) because I felt like I had such a great momentum going to fly through orders at work. As of now, 11:45 am, I have had about 18 ounces of juice and a glass of iced tea. I could eat but I am not starving. Yesterday, I purchased a box of assorted herbal fruit teas. I am excited to try the blueberry – it smells like blueberry pie. It’s kind of ridiculous how excited I am for a glass of tea. I guess it just seems less mundane than the juice.

In the work fridge, I have two juices left from what I made last night. One is Gazpacho flavored (found online), which I am a little nervous for. I don’t love raw tomatoes but I do enjoy gazpacho, so I’m hoping it tastes more like the latter. Another is a purple juice, made with blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, 1/2 of a beet, red grapes, and a pear. For dinner later, I am anxious to try out the gold beets I found at the produce market. I’ll probably throw in a couple of carrots and a little ginger, too. Tip of the day:

  • If you’re worried about not knowing how to make pleasant-tasting juices, follow recipes in the beginning. After a while, you will start to learn what you like and what you don’t, and how much of each item to use. Then, you can come up with your own creations that you will be comfortable with.

I’m glad to say that I feel much better today. It almost feels as if I just finished a large coffee but without that jittery feeling. I am wide awake, ready to work, and set on powering through that laundry piling up at home. I said, “I can do this,” and today, I have not a single doubt.

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