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Day 3: I have a confession.

I made a vow on the first day of my cleanse. I promised all of you that I would provide an “honest account” of my experience, and after shadily looking for ways to cover up what I did last night, I have decided to come clean.

I ate Jimmie John’s; it was amazing. Why? Think what you want…but the real reason was simply because I had not prepped enough juices for my day and didn’t have easy access to obtaining one after work. I’m not going to go into detail because it is what it is, and I do not feel guilty. I was hungry, and I had to make a decision. So, I broke the rules. I did learn a little something, though. I felt so stuffed and sleepy after. I ate the same amount that I usually do, and compared to how I feel after a large juice, it wasn’t enjoyable. Obviously, I have no intentions to live off of juice forever because the sensation of simply chewing, combined with the variety of flavor, is much more satisfying. In retrospect, though, I can see how I shouldn’t eat until something is gone but rather until I feel satisfied – not stuffed! Bottom line:

  • Do what feels good. If you are starving, and believe it is a good idea to have a real snack or meal here and there, do it. You do not have to do a full-out juice ONLY cleanse. The benefits (vitamins, antioxidants, etc.) will still be reaped simply by working raw juices into your diet.

I woke up early for work today to throw together some juices. On my morning drive, I drank one made with carrots, gold beets (a little milder than regular beets), and ginger. I added a little too much ginger, and I wouldn’t drink it for breakfast again but it was alright. I started to get hungry around 12:30pm, and decided to try out the apple-papaya spritzer I made (with sparkling water and a splash of lemon). It’s a really pretty color, and it tastes great.

  • Spritzer: a drink consisting of wine mixed with sparkling water (aka seltzer) or soda, depending on preference; OR a healthy replacement for soda when mixed with your favorite raw fruit juice

The main point I want to make today is that I am proud of where I am, even after a broken rule and less than 3 days in. My face looks brighter, I feel energized and motivated, and I have been in a very steady good mood since I began the challenge. At this point, I recommend some sort of juice cleanse to everyone.* Do it for fun; do it for your health; do it for you.

*Be sure to check with your doc first if you have any concerns or health issues; I assume no responsibility!


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